An RV Roof That Doesn't Leak?!?!

Hello, my name is Michelle Phillips, I love to educate RV owners old and new. ALL RV roofs leak…it’s just a matter of when! I have been in the RV and marine industries for more than 25 years. I have owned many RVs from my first Coleman popup to my current 25’ Keystone Bullet travel trailer. I, like all RV owners, have had many roof leaks and roof damages. I was tired of my own roof leaks as well as very concerned for all of my customers experiencing the very same problems. I went in search of a more permanent solution for this very problem. In my research I came across an ad in an RV trade magazine and made a call to inquire about Rhino Linings Eco-Coat RV roof solutions. After much research and testing the dealership that I worked at for the past 11 years became a Rhino Linings dealer. There had been no dealers in the southeast at that point so there was much to learn and perfect. Within a short period of time we had pioneered Rhino Eco-Coat in the south. It was 3 ½ years later that my dealership principles made the decision to retire from the RV industry. It was then that I decided to relocate to Greenville, SC and start my own Rhino Linings dealership and RV repair facility.

Imagine an RV lifestyle free of roof maintenance, water leaks and roof damage which all leads to rot from roof to wall to floor. As a proud owner of a travel trailer that has a Rhino Linings Eco-coat RV roof coating I can honestly say that I am free of the typical concerns that plague all RV owners. Safeguard your coach from water intrusion and your pocket book from expensive repairs with Rhino Linings Eco-Coat.

There are very few RV dealerships that want to educate their customers on the pitfalls of RV ownership. They only profit when you have roof damage from water leaks, hail damage, tree branch damage and any of the other obstacles that you encounter on your travels. At the very least, they want to sell you a RV roof replacement for your rubber roof and many even go so far as to try and convince you to purchase a new RV altogether due to the damage that occurred. There is much maintenance involved with the traditional fiberglass and rubber RV roofs. Traditional repair materials like rubber roofs require annual or bi-annual roof sealing and UV protection. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that you have a “warranty” on your roof. Sealants are NEVER covered and if you don’t follow the strict instruction in the manufacturers manual then what little warranty you had becomes null and void. In my 14 years at an RV dealership in Florida I never once got a rubber roof covered under “warranty”. I worked at a dealership and kept up with the roof sealant and still ended up with a rotten roof on two of my trailers. The point is that even with due diligence you can still end up needing RV roof repairs. I recommend inspecting your own roof or paying a dealership to inspect every 6 months. There are high risks involved with you doing this job yourself which is one reason I would recommend a dealership. The other reason is that they know what they are looking for. The point of RV ownership is to enjoy camping not worrying about water leaks and spending your free time on maintenance. I have found a permanent solution to the dreaded water roof leaks!

Rhino Linings Eco Coat

Rhino Linings Eco-Coat is the perfect solution for RVs with leaking rubber and or fiberglass roof problems. Once installed there is zero maintenance involved from that point forward. It is also easily patched when new equipment is added or as old equipment fails. Rhino Eco-Coat spray is 100% seamless and water proof; which rives you as an RV owner, peace of mind unlike anything you've ever experienced. It is a fire retardant system that meets UL 790. The UV stabilizers and leafing aluminum pigment in Rhino Eco-Coat RV coating offer a high reflectivity index which keeps your roof looking new and the inside temperature a little lower. I grew up in the south and do all of my camping here so a 3-5 degree lower temperature inside my RV is much needed and appreciated! If you or anyone that you know has had a Rhino Linings spray in bed liner, then you know the toughness that we are talking about here. The main differences between the bed liner spray and the Eco-coat for the RV roof is that the Eco-Coat is much more flexible and has the leafing aluminum pigment in the chemical makeup. Rhino Liner RV roof reviews stand on their own with the same rave reviews that the Rhino Linings brand has received for the past 25 years. It's not only the highest quality RV roof coating available on the market today, it lasts the lifetime of your coach (30+ years), it's cost effective costing less than a new roof would cost you and most importantly, it provides a permanent solution to protecting your RV roof making it the last RV roof that coach will ever need again! When you need protection without compromise choose Rhino Linings Eco-Coat for your RV roof.

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