Summer is almost over and winter will soon be upon us. Every single weather change affects your RV in different ways: sudden fluctuation in temperatures and the oxidizing properties of water are just a few of them. The RV rubber roof is the first area to suffer consequences such as cracks in the sealant resulting in water damage to walls, flooring and much more costing thousands in repairs.

Protect Your Investment

Thinking long-term will not only save you time but also hard earned money. Each RV roof repair can take hours and a good chunk of your wallet. However, if you plan ahead, all this can be prevented with one simple solution.

Rhino Linings Eco Coat

Allow me to introduce you to Rhino Linings® Eco-Coat. Rhino Linings has advanced their technology and now provides an affordable one-time solution that will leave your RV roof:

  • 100% seamless

  • Air proof

  • Water proof

  • Maintenance-free

  • Leak-free

  • Slip resistant

  • Lasting the lifetime of your coach (30+ years)

Not only does the Rhino Linings Eco Coat protect your RV roof from water leaks, it can be easily patched when new equipment is added to the roof. Additionally, it also contains UV stabilizers and leafing aluminum pigments which not only creates a long-term protection against water and air intrusion; but also helps to insulate the RV reducing the temperature inside the RV during the hot months and warming it during the cold ones making it a perfect solution for all seasons!

By having one of our certified Rhino Linings Eco Coat Applicators install this lifetime coating to your RV Roof, you won’t only be protecting your investment you’ll be enhancing your RV life by ensuring you’ll never have to worry about maintaining your RV roof ever again! Check out Rhino Linings Eco Coat here:

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Hello, my name is Michelle Phillips, I love to educate RV owners old and new. ALL RV roofs leak…it’s just a matter of when! I have been in the RV and marine industries for more than 25 years. I have owned many RVs from my first Coleman popup to my current 25’ Keystone Bullet travel trailer. I, like all RV owners, have had many roof leaks and roof damages. I was tired of my own roof leaks as well as very concerned for all of my customers experiencing the very same problems. I went in search of a more permanent solution for this very problem. In my research I came across an ad in an RV trade magazine and made a call to inquire about Rhino Linings Eco-Coat RV roof solutions. After much research and testing the dealership ...

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