Pro Truck, Bus and RV is a nationally certified Rhino Linings applicator and RV repair shop with over 25 years of industry experience in the RV and boating industries. Michelle Phillips, the owner and Parts & Service Director, retains a commitment to providing excellence in all areas of her business. From products to service, her degree of commitment to be the best and provide the best remains top priority, which is reflected with the number of new and repeat customers she retains.






Rhino Linings


As the pioneer of the sprayed-on truck bed liner industry, Rhino Linings boasts more than 25 years of experience protecting millions of consumer pickup trucks and more. Rhino Linings remains the #1 consumer rated consumer rated spray-on truck bed liner. Our professionally sprayed-on bed liner is applied by a certified Rhino Linings applicator and backed by a Nationwide Warranty Program. In addition to truck bed liners, we use Rhino Linings protective coatings for a variety of vehicle applications such as:



RV Repair Maintenance


Servicing an RV need not be an overwhelming task. The highly skilled technicians at Pro Truck, Bus and RV’ RV service centers are always here when you need them. With both maintenance services and new installs, Pro Truck, Bus and RV has you covered. From service and maintenance to interior and exterior upgrades, you can rely on Pro Truck, Bus and RV’ RV service specialists to get the job done right.


Performing preventative maintenance can keep even aging RVs going strong for many years. Resealing roof seams, windows, and weather flashing will keep the interior looking fresh and new, and of course maintaining the appliances and plumbing will prevent expensive replacement. By doing this every twelve months, you can maximize the life expectancy of your RV. We make maintenance easier by offering RV service bundles for motorized and towable RVs.


Your RV has a unique style, so get the interior that reflects you. We offer a full range of upgrades, interior renovations and retrofits that will make your RV a truly custom masterpiece. Sometimes updating your RV’s fabric and upholstery is all you need for a whole new look. Trust our experts to take care of your chassis, bodywork, windshield, glass, and other interior and exterior services.




Truck Accessories have become a popular aftermarket purchase for those who are looking to customize the look and performance of their trucks. Originally thought of as a work vehicle, the light truck has become wildly popular, and each year truck manufacturers have released a wider variety of pickup trucks. It has always been our mission to provide our customers with only high-quality truck parts and accessories. Whether you own a Ford F150, Ford Super Duty, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra or any other compact, mid-size or full size pickup truck on the road, we can help you customize it.


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While Rhino Lining’s is the best protection that you can put on your truck, RV, and boy toys; application results can differ from dealer to dealer. Here at Pro Truck, Bus and RV; we understand how important proper surface preparation and vehicle protection is when applying this product. Rhino Lining is a permanent product and it does not want to come off. Therefore, proper vehicle protection is essential. With our vast experience and techniques in vehicle surface protection, you can be assured that you will only get Rhino where you asked for it. Our professionals know how to properly protect a vehicle from unwanted over-spray of all kinds.

Don’t trust your investment to just anyone. Trust the professionals at Pro Truck, Bus and RV to provide you with the most effective and best looking Rhino Lining application in the industry.




1. Rhino Linings protects against rust and corrosion…unlike drop-in liners.


2. The Rhino Linings’ non-porous polyurethane is easy to clean and maintain.


3. Rhino Linings are applied in continuous coats and can be sprayed to any thickness.


4. Rhino Linings are available in a wide variety of colors to match or complement your truck, boat or other application.


5. Rhino’s non-abrasive and non-skid texture holds your valuable load in place. Textures can be varied from fine to coarse at the customer’s request.


6. Wherever you are in the world, you are guaranteed outstanding service from your local Rhino Linings dealer.


7. Rhino Linings will not crack or split from extensive flexing.


8. Clear or tinted UV topcoats protect against sun fade and discoloration.


9. Rhino Linings is the proven sprayed-on truck bed liner, with the most applications, product usage and largest dealer network in the world.


10. Rhino Linings developed the sprayed-on polyurethane bed liner, and there is no substitute for over a decade of experience.


11. Rhino Linings’ research and development keeps our equipment and materials #1 in the sprayed-on liner industry.


12. Rhino Linings mixes naturally without heat or pressure making your Rhino Lining the most flexible, resilient, stable, insulated and dense lining available.


13. Rhino Linings is UL and USDA approved for food contact and potable water containment.


14. Rhino Linings are 100% solids and environmentally friendly. They are safe to apply and contain no hazardous waste.


15. Rhino Linings is a unique polyurethane that hardens in seconds and permanently bonds with virtually any substrate… steel, rubber, aluminum, concrete, wood or fiberglass.


16. NOTHING BEATS A REAL RHINO. The world’s leading sprayed-on bed liner.


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Michelle Phillips  MEET OUR TEAM


  Senior Managers have a combined…

  · 38 years of management experience


  · 64 years in sales


  · 70 years in customer service


  · 27 years in service writing



Michelle Phillips, the Owner as well as Parts & Service Director here at Pro Truck, Bus and RV, learned how to do her job the old fashioned way. She used hard work, determination, common sense and a solid commitment to customer service to build her foundation of success.


She started her career in the boating industry 29 years ago at a local boat dealership in her home town of Crystal River, Florida; as a part time apprentice through high school, dedicating her weekends to learning how to work on small outboard engines, processing inventory, and organizing the current stock.


Several years later after graduating, she moved to Orlando, Florida to work for a boat dealership as a Parts Clerk. It was there that she mastered the art of inventory control which resulted in the quick promotion to the Parts Manager only 3 months later. Two years following, she earned a position at a local Sea Ray boat dealership as the Service Advisor where her customer service skills were developed and refined to meet the superior standard set by Sea Ray.


Then in 2001, when the boating industry hit a huge decline, Michelle turned her attention to the RV industry working as a Service Advisor of a large RV dealership in central Florida. After two years of hard work and study, she was promoted to the Parts and Service Director where she revamped and executed a complete overhaul of the customer service philosophy which more than tripled revenue for her department one year later. Over the years, Michelle helped to implement new programs, products, and staff training for not only her department, but throughout the company.


Then in 2011, when thinking of different ways to generate additional revenue for her department, she stumbled upon the Rhino Linings Eco-Coat applications for RV roofs and decided this is what could set them apart from all other RV dealerships and service centers on the east coast. The following three years she dedicated herself to mastering the application process of the Rhino Linings product offering protection not only to RVs but to trucks, horse trailers, utility trailers, boats, ATVs/UTVs, and oh so much more. In fact, there’s not much Michelle won’t try and Rhino line. We joke that if you stand still too long, she might try and spray you. Her pioneering efforts were clearly felt throughout the Rhino Linings Corporation making her a leader in the industry.


Therefore, the end of 2015 when she learned that her employers had decided to retire and close business doors, and the Rhino Linings portion of the business she had built from the ground up was available to take over, she decided it was an opportunity she could not pass up. Because Michelle is the only applicator on the east coast to offer the Rhino Linings Eco-Coat product for RVs, she decided it was important to move further north where she could be more centrally located to the east coast service area.


As a result, in January of 2016, Michelle founded Pro Truck, Bus & RV and relocated to Greenville, South Carolina due to the convenience, natural beauty, and a commercial building that permitted her to build 70’L x 30’W and 26’ high ceiling service bays. As a result, this now allows her the ability to spray something as small as a Styrofoam ice chest, truck bed, and RV all the way up to mega industrial equipment.


The vision for the company remains the same - to be a leader in the industry in regards to equipment, technology, supplies, and customer service. She has a remarkable ability to take a problem, no matter how extraordinary in nature it may be, and find a solution that satisfies all involved. Her dedication to serving others with excellence leaves her approaching her own business today with the same determination, hard work, common sense and commitment to customer service that made her hugely successful throughout the years.


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Nationwide Warranty




The nationwide warranty program reinforces Rhino Linings Corporation's reputation for producing the longest lasting, most durable spray-on truck bed liners in the world.


"Rhino Linings® applicators have always stood behind their service and craftsmanship," says Pierre Gagnon, president and CEO of Rhino Linings Corporation." However, the Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty program provides additional customer peace of mind when choosing Rhino Linings® products and services."


With the Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty Program, the entire North American Rhino retail applicator network is offering consumers a uniform warranty.


·         Nationwide coverage for your truck bed liner

·         Bed liners are warranted to not crack, bubble or peel

·         Coverage lasts as long as you own your truck


The warranty includes provisions for customers that may move to a new area and require retail applicator support. The Rhino Linings warranty is only available to the original Rhino Linings purchaser and is not transferable. 

Download our Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty


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